IE6 jQuery plugin

Recently I’ve beginning to wonder why I try to support IE6 anymore.
Vista and Window 7 do not support Multiple IEs and never will.

So I’ve just had to install XP into a virtual machine, just to test with IE6.  Upon launching IE6 for the first time, I was greated with a broken page.  This broken page just happens to be the first page IE7 users see.

Microsoft is no longer maintaing IE6 user’s experience.
IE8 was launch in March 2009, which means that anyone using IE6 is 2 browser generations behind.

They need a kick up the behind.

There is a website called IE6Update that has a information bar telling people to upgrade.
This seems a little too subtle.

My solution is to display an overlay that hides the current website, and telling them they need to upgrade to Firefox.

jQuery.ie6 in IE6

Now I don’t have to test my websites in IE6.

Download jQuery.IE6 Now (109KiB)

The download consists of the javascript plugin, css, html, a picture and jquery.

You don’t really need to use jquery to achieve this, you could just include the html in your site.
The reason I didn’t, was to allow the browser to be able to cache it.

5 thoughts on “IE6 jQuery plugin”

  1. IE6update is misguided, but this is completely offensive. It does not help IE6 users who, for whatever reason, *can’t* upgrade and it only makes your life easier, not theirs.

    It’s fair enough not to support IE6 if you have no IE6 users, but most website owners can’t guarantee that. Your approach will probably cause more people to leave than upgrade. What if one of those people leaving was your next big customer?

  2. @Matt_Hill IE6 is an 8 year old browser, who’s time on the internet should be brought to an abrupt end.

    How long should we support IE6?

    Why stop at IE6? IE5.5, 5, 4 and 3 were good browsers.

    IE3 was default on Windows95.. maybe there are people that can’t upgrade.

    My plugin does force the user to use a different browser, but they maybe completely unaware that they can use anything else?

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