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Command and Conquer Compared Update

UPDATE: Command and Conquer: Kane’s Wraith

Recently Apoc (EA Community Manager) commented on the previous article Command and Conquer Compared.

This is an AMAZING research report, huge hats off to you, we are listening my friend. Please drop me a line at my e-mail!

Great work, I am passing this around.


Comment by EA Apoc — October 19, 2007 @ 10:57 pm

The previous article was written to highlight the inconsistency between CNC3 and previous CNC games. The hope is that EA might fix Command and Conquer 3 or at the very least improve CNC3: Kane's Wrath.

I followed up Apoc's comment with an email.

First off I'd like to say a big thank you!

My friends and I are huge Command and Conquer fans, and this inspired me to write my CNC3 comparison because I felt so strongly.

I wasn't sure anyone at EA would see this article. I'm over the moon that that you have and that you liked it.


I didn't have to wait long for Apoc's reply

Our team took a look at it, Mike Verdu himself read it over and had this to say, don’t take personal offense:

“Cool table, but is more a way to make an opinion look like the end result of an objective analysis.”

We know you are quite the Tiberian Sun fan and entirely respect your opinion. Your analysis is fairly objective and heavy sided to Tiberian Sun, not a huge deal, that is your opinion.

I’m impressed you took the time on this, remarkable, great stuff my friend. Stay in touch.


To be honest, this wasn't the reply that I was hoping for.  However it sounds like Mike Verdu (Executive Producer) did read the article.  Maybe some of the ideas with become reincorporated into Command and Conquer.

Mike's comment about me being a fan of Tiberian Sun is not quite right.  Yes I am a fan of Tiberian Sun, however there were pictures from Red Alert 1 and 2.   I think what Mike noticed was a complete lack of Command and Conquer: Generals.

The reason Generals and its expansion pack Zero Hour didn't feature predominantly in the comparision was because they didn't bring anything to the Command and Conquer genre.  There was no Tiberium, no sidebar and players have to use "workers" or "dozers" to construct buildings.

Command and Conquer: Generals was a playable game, however I personally feel that, along with Zero Hour, they did not deserve to be part of the Command and Conquer genre.

Come on EA, make Command and Conquer the best it can be!

Update: Apoc from EA has responded, for information see Command and Conquer Compared Update

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